The mission of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation is to promote the values of Alpha Epsilon Pi through leadership development, partnerships with educational and Jewish communal organizations, and provision of scholarships, financial support, and programming for the betterment of our Brothers and our community.

Each year, funds are raised from generous alumni and undergraduate members, parents, private philanthropists and foundations, and other “Friends of AEPi” to enhance the AEPi experience. This is done by providing:

  1. Scholarships for academic excellence, attendance at leaderhsip development conferences, and educational trips to Israel.
  2. Chapter programming grants for leaderhsip training, Israel advocacy training, and jewish holiday programming.
  3. Subsidies for AEPi’s leadership development and Jewish identity programs such as Regional Leadership Conclaves, International Convention, Civic Leadership Initiative, Hineni Jewish Identity Enrichment Conference, and the Michael A. Leven Leadership Institute.

Help AEPi achieve its mission of developing the future leaders of the Jewish community.


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