Interested in rushing or looking for more information? Email us using the contact form!

Rush FAQ:

How do I rush?

We hold rush twice a year, once at the beginning of fall semester (September) and once more at the beginning of winter semester (January). Rushing AEPi is as simple as checking this website for upcoming rush events or contacting one of our brothers. Rush is open to all students in the Kingston area. Simply come out to the events, meet the brothers and see for yourself what AEPi is all about!

Does it cost anything to rush?

Absolutely not. You are our guest and we’re here to make you feel welcome and provide you with an awesome experience.

If I rush, am I committed to pledging?

Rushing AEPi does NOT mean you are committed to pledging. Of course, should we offer you a bid to pledge we would be delighted if you accepted but in the end it is completely your decision.

Rush Myths:

Myth #1: I will be hazed.

No! Not only is hazing illegal, but AEPi has a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. Our foremost interest is to build a strong brotherhood built on the foundation of mutual respect.

Myth #2: Frats are all about partying and I won’t fit in.

No! Although we do throw amazing parties, that is only a small portion of what it means to be a brother. Whether you are into academics, sports, theater, film, electronics, politics, travel, or a whole host of other activities, you will find brothers in AEPi with similar interests. Not to mention that AEPi members consistently achieve high GPA’s.

Myth #3: Being a brother in a fraternity is expensive.

No! AEPi has one of the lowest dues of all the fraternities in North America and these fees all go back to the brothers in the form of amazing parties, events, sports teams, trips, etc. The amount put in is minuscule in contrast to what comes back out. AEPi also offers payment plans, scholarships and will not turn a member away due to financial issues.

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